Conservation Development
Leopold's Preserve at Villages of Piedmont
Conservation Developments work with nature, not against it. They save open space, reduce infrastructure costs, increase property values, and help protect the rural and natural character of communities. Sometimes people want parks and natural areas without any development, but when a developer puts homes and green space together, something wonderful happens! They create green and golden opportunities for collaboration and community.
As a Conservation Development, Equinox's 'Leopold's Preserve' and the existing Villages of Piedmont community, will share two defining features:
They will protect open space and promote community -
This will be achieved by recognizing the importance of views and vistas, and the growing interest of communities that link people with their neighbors and native landscapes.
They will become one seamless community -
Through a network of trails, recreational amenities, and other common community elements, the combined Villages of Piedmont will not only be a cohesive community, but a community sought after to live, visit and play.
'Leopold's Preserve', aptly named for the famous nature conservationist, Aldo Leopold, is the portion of land at Equinox's Villages of Piedmont project that has been set aside to become a nature preserve that will surround both the existing Villages of Piedmont and the approved Villages of Piedmont II community.  Leopold's Preserve will consist of over 350 acres of open space and will be permanently protected by a Conservation Easement.  The preserve will contain natural surface pedestrian walking trails, pedestrian bridges, viewing platforms, and numerous interpretive boards and information kiosks.  These amenities, to be constructed by Equinox, will provide opportunities to educate visitors with respect to the flora, fauna, geological attributes, and hydrological features of this special property.  Additionally, Leopold's Preserve will contain interpretations and accounts of the cultural history of the property itself and its surrounding environs.
What Is Conservation Development?

Conservation Development is a controlled-growth land use development that adopts the principle for allowing limited sustainable development while protecting the area's natural environmental features in perpetuity, including preserving open space landscape and vistas, protecting farmland or natural habitats for wildlife, and maintaining the character of planned and existing communities. A Conservation Development is usually defined as a project that dedicates a minimum of 50 percent of the total development parcel as open space. The management and ownership of the land are often formed by the partnership between private landowners, land-use conservation organizations and local government. It is a growing trend in many parts of the country, particularly in the western United States. In the eastern U.S., conservation design has been promoted by some state and local governments as a technique to help preserve water quality.