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Villages of Piedmont II Gets the Green Light from the Prince William Board of County Supervisors
On May 2, 2012, The Prince William Board of County Supervisors approved Equinox's most recent project, Villages of Piedmont II, by a vote of 7-1. This 393-unit housing development, near the Town of Haymarket, will also contain a 380 acre public park to be placed under a conservation easement. Supervisor Nohe stated that he'd "never seen this kind of parkland attached to this kind of development."

This project also has the support of the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust, a non-profit that plans to ensure that the large park is protected from development forever. NVCT president Michael Nardolilli told supervisors that Equinox was preserving an important piece of land that is also a part of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground project, which seeks to preserve land in a corridor valued by conservationists and historians.
Project History
The Villages of Piedmont II sits within what is widely referred to as the South Market Property which is located adjacent to the Town of Haymarket and fronted by Route 15 to its east.  The South Market Property consists of approximately 650 acres of land which includes the existing community of 413 homes known as "The Villages of Piedmont" which reside on approximately 140 acres. The remaining 500+ acres of the South Market Property is owned by an affiliate of Equinox Investments, LLC and subject to the Villages of Piedmont II proposed community and conservation area to be known as Leopold's Preserve.
Equinox has proposed to amend the current zoning on the property through a change to Prince William County's current Comprehensive Plan and an accompanying request for a rezoning of the property.  It is Equinox's hope that the balance of the South Market property will become more complimentary in use with its surrounding community. The requested zoning will ultimately protect over 350 acres as a conservation area and allow for residential units on the remaining 110 acres. This plan will eliminate the various incompatible by-right uses currently allowed on the property and drastically and permanently reduce projected traffic volumes that would occur based on the current entitlement of the property. In short, the results of Equinox's rezoning request is going to be the completion of The Villages of Piedmont as a cohesive community and the creation of a unique and passive recreational asset for Prince William County and its residents.
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